The World Congresses of Philosophy are organized every five years by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies in collaboration with one of its members, whose country is hosting the congress.


The XXIst World Congress of Philosophy will be held in Istanbul, on August 10-17, 2003, hosted by the Philosophical Society of Turkey.


This first congress of the XXIst Century and of the Third Millenium will focus on problems we are faced with at the turn of the century, in the light of philosophical knowledge. It aims at giving a picture of the present state of philosophy and to  point at trends of development of philosophy in the services of humanity. We expect that many philosophers from all regions of the world will participate in it and make their contribution to the attainment of this aim. The inaugural session of the Congress will take place in the morning of August 11, 2003.


The main theme of the Congress will be developed, according to the tradition of the World Congresses, in the following four plenary sessions and five symposia:




1. The Role of Philosophy: Enlightenment, Post-modern Thought and Other Perspectives.

2. New Developments in Science and Technology: Ethical and      Philosophical Challenges.

3. Globalisation and Cultural Identity.

4. Human Rights, the State and International Order.






1. Inequality, Poverty and Development: Philosophical Perspectives.

2. Violence, War and Peace.

3. Democracy and its Future: Citizenship and Civil Society.

4. Human Rights: Concepts, Problems and Prospects.

5. Philosophy in Turkey.



Aesthetics and Philosophy of Arts Philosophy in Africa: Contemporary Issues
Applied Ethics Philosophy in Asia and the Pacific:Contemporary Issues
Approaches to Philosophy Philosophy in Latin America: Contemporary Issues
Bioethics and Medical Ethics Philosophy in North America: Contemporary Issues
Business Ethics Philosophy of Action
Comparative Philosophy Philosophy of Culture
Ethics Philosophy of Education
Human Rights Philosophy of History
Images and Symbols Philosophy of Language
Logic and Philosophy of Logic Philosophy of Law
Metaphysics Philosophy of Mathematics
Ontology Philosophy of Mind
Persons and Identity Philosophy of Natural Sciences
Phenomenology Philosophy of Nature
Philosophical Anthropology Philosophy of Religion
Philosophical Hermeneutics Philosophy of Social Sciences
Philosophy of Cognitive SciencePhilosophy of Technology
Philosophy of Communication and Information Philosophy of Values
Philosophy and Economics Teaching Philosophy
Philosophy and Environment Theory of Knowledge
Philosophy and Future Generations Ancient Philosophy
Philosophy and Gender Medieval Philosophy
Philosophy and Literature Modern Philosophy
Philosophy for Children Contemporary Philosophy



Six (6) pages (1800 words), in three (3) typewritten, double-spaced copies, with 1.5 cm margins on all sides of the text, accompanied by a 10-20 line abstract. Please, submit papers, if possible, on 3.5 inch High Density (HA) computer disk in ASCIL or "Text Only" format. Papers may also be summitted electronically to the Turkish Organizing Committee as an attachment on an e-mail message. Please, indicate the section for which the contributed paper is intended, as well as its language on the “subject” field of the e-mail.


The International Programme Committee reserves the right to accept or not accept papers on the basis of criteria of quality. Only papers of philosophical nature will be considered for inclusion in the programme.




Following the novelty introduced into the Boston Congress, there will be invited sessions on specific topics, to be decided by the International Programme Committee.


Proposals are invited for Round-Tables on more specific philosophical topics. Organizers of round-tables should take into consideration that round-tables must be of international character and that the participants must be registered for the Congress.


Proposals are also invited for Posters Sessions. Proposals must consist of no more than five theses and must be typed on a single page.


The organizers and the subjects of round-tables, as well as of the poster sessions are subject to the approval of the International Programme Committee.




International members of FISP that wish to hold their meetings during the Congress are kindly requested to apply to the Turkish Organizing Committee no later than January 1, 2002.




June 1, 2002 is the deadline for the receipt of contributed papers and for proposals for round-tables and poster sessions. Papers and proposals received after this deadline, but before January 1, 2003 may be accepted, if space is still available.


Please, send papers and proposals for round-tables and poster sessions to the Turkish Organizing Committee.




Optional tours in Istanbul during the Congress, as well as pre and post congress tours in historical sites all over Turkey including Troy, Assos; Ephesus, Miletus, Pergamum in the Aegean coast of Turkey, where Ionian philosophy flourished; Cappadocia with its rock-cut churches;   Hattusas, the land of the Hittites, will be organized. For these tours, please, contact VASCO and visit Congress web-site after January 2, 2002.